Say Thanks with a Gift Everyone Will Love

There are many important occasions throughout the year when gift-giving is part of the ritual. It could be for a thank you offering, a birthday, the holiday season, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or some other special celebratory day. No matter what you’re celebrating, a soft and sweet challah from ChallahGram makes for a perfect (and delicious) gift! Continue reading “Say Thanks with a Gift Everyone Will Love”

Challah-Inspired Sandwiches You’ll Drool Over

There’s nothing like a hearty sandwich to satisfy a grumbly belly. Whether for lunch, a simple dinner, or even an easy-to-prepare breakfast, sandwiches make for the perfect meal to eat at home or on-the-go.

There are hundreds of delicious sandwich combinations to choose from, but some of the most scrumptious ones start with two thick slices of fresh and soft challah bread. ChallahGram makes an exceptional challah that pairs well with any sandwich filling you can think of.

If you’re inspired to try something new, take a peek at these sandwich recipes below, all using ChallahGram’s tasty challah bread as the base for a meal worth sinking your teeth into.

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Breakfast Treats Start with Challah

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not also make it the tastiest? With the delicious taste and texture of challah bread from ChallahGram, breakfast will be something definitely worth waking up early for. A boring bowl of cereal is no match for a breakfast that starts with a slice (or two) of soft and sweet challah. Set your alarm clock for your best breakfast yet. These 3 options will get that belly filled and fueled to kick off your day deliciously! Continue reading “Breakfast Treats Start with Challah”

Born and “Bread” in Brooklyn

The NYC borough of Brooklyn is known for many things. Culture, nightlife, art, trend-setting, music, and food, to name a few. Speaking of food, one of the finest breads, ChallahGram’s Brooklyn challah, is fresh, delightful, and sought-after – just like Brooklyn itself.

Their sweet, soft, and fresh 5lb loaves are created with care and love right in the heart of Brooklyn. And yes, you read that right – 5 pounds of deliciousness! That’s why ChallahGram challahs are perfect for parties, celebrations, and of course, sharing. Continue reading “Born and “Bread” in Brooklyn”

Shock & Share: Maximizing The Shock Effect

Everyone is looking for that memorable stand-out gift. But, what are the components needed in order to create that moment?

Well, if in real-estate it is all about Location. Location. Location; in gifting it is all about Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.

The problem is; we all have such busy schedules, that even if we succeed in creating a surprise moment, it is so easy for the recipient to forget it…

That’s why a surprise is not enough! We need to accelerate that surprise into a shock! “That was nice”, or “thank you” are OK reactions. An “Awesome” or “WOW” reaction is needed in order to create a memorable moment! Continue reading “Shock & Share: Maximizing The Shock Effect”