3LB WOW Challah + ChallahBoard

$107.99 $89.99

Large End Grain Kitchen Non-Slip Oak Wood ChallahGram Challah Cutting Board with Handles.

It’s finally here!

With such a WOW Challah, you need a WOW ChallahGram Cutting board

Size: 16-10-2 Inch

Designed by Chana S.

This ChallahGram will not only WOW your friend, it will create a “Shock and Share” experience. You shock your friend with an unexpected, huge ChallahGram. Your friend can’t finish that ChallahGram so they “Share” the Challah! There’s nothing like breaking bread with friends. Perfect for an occasion like a friend’s birthday, anniversary, baby naming; or for a “Just Because” gift.


  • 3-lb WOW Challah [serves 6-8 people]
  • A Brooklyn gift wrap
  • A Customized Gift Note
  • Round for Rosh Hashanah


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Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 6 in

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